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Peppermint Brownie in a Mug

by Livestrong_Recipes  |  Oct 20, 2018

Peppermint Brownie in a Mug
Photo Credit: Jackie Newgent
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This quick and easy recipe is better for you than your average brownie. Stir together the batter in a coffee cup, microwave for about 90 seconds -- and voila -- enjoy a warm brownie straight from the mug! For a boost of nutrition, the batter is made with coconut sugar and whole-wheat pastry flour rather than highly processed white sugar and white flour.



  • 1 tbsp Grapeseed Oil
  • 1 Free Range Large Eggs
  • 1/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1/2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 1/8 tsp peppermint extract
  • 1/8 tsp Sea Salt
  • 3 tbsp Coconut Sugar
  • 3 tbsp Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened, HERSHEY'S European Style Cocoa
  • 1 Mini Candy Cane
  • 3 tbsp Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, Stone Ground


1 Add the grapeseed oil (or avocado oil) to a large (12-ounce or larger capacity) microwave-safe mug. Swirl or brush the inside of the mug with the oil to coat.
2 Add the egg, almond milk (or coconut milk beverage), extracts, and salt and whisk until combined.
3 Then stir in coconut sugar (or turbinado sugar), cocoa powder, and flour until evenly combined.
4 Microwave on HIGH for 1 minute 15 seconds for a fudgy brownie, or 1 minute 30 seconds for a cakier brownie. (Note: Microwave cooking times vary.)
5 Remove mug from microwave and let stand for 5 minutes.
6 Enjoy straight from the mug or invert and serve without mug. Insert candy cane (preferably organic) to serve.